Our educational solutions, aim to develop mainly the oral skills of the students incorporating unique elements that guarantee the students’ motivation.

We believe that to ensure the correct assimilation of a foreign language, it is vital to create an affective bond between the student and the language.

We believe in "learning by doing".

We believe that the use of new technologies will help reinforce what is learned and establish a closer relationship with students and the content.

We believe that as a second language teacher, the best gift one can give to students is the security and confidence to use speak the language.

The family plays an essential role in facilitating the continuous and proper assimilation of the topics and vocabulary acquired in Watson´s Labs.

Through Watson´s World©, and with the support of parents and / or guardians, we establish a connection between class time and the time at home thus, enriching both experiences.

The curriculum of all Watson´s Labs© has been carefully designed to cover all the "key" competences established in the CEFR for Languages.

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